Pokemon GO is a massively popular augmented reality game that allows players to go out into the world and capture Pokemon. If you play the game a lot, or even if you are still a newbie at it, there are a bunch of cheats and tricks that you should know about. Here are the following tips, tricks, and cheats that can help all Pokemon Go players.

  1. Attack the gyms in waves

Try attacking a specific gym in waves if you ever want to beat it. This is because you will need to try and weaken the gym first if you actually want a shot at beating it.

  1. Pick your raid party

Whenever you are going on a raid, you should carefully pick out which Pokemon that you should bring with you. Try to pick Pokemon that can cover each other’s weaknesses. And it would also be a good idea to bring along Pokemon that are stronger as well.

  1. Check nearby sightings

There is a feature in Pokemon Go that is underused by a lot of people. And that is the nearby sightings feature. This is a pretty useful feature that can help out players, who are looking for the rarer Pokemon. With the nearby sightings feature, a player may get a heads up on where they should go if they want to find a specific kind of Pokemon.


  1. Familiarize nearby nests too

It would be a good idea to try and familiarize yourself with some of the nearby nests that you have around your area. This is because those nests can spawn specific types of Pokemon. And if you are on the hunt for a very specific kind of Pokemon, then it would be a great idea to try and follow where those nests are. You would see that you can find a specific evolutionary line or even a specific Pokemon-type if you go to the nests that are nearby.

  1. There are working hacks

There are working Pokemon Go hacks that you can utilize. And using these hacks for your own Pokemon Go game is a smart idea, especially if you want to have a leg up in the game. These hacks can make rare Pokemon and even some legendary ones, to appear right before you. And you can even get unlimited items and more bonuses by using these hacks as well. The best part about using these hacks is that you are going to be able to use it for free, so you would not even have to pay anything extra!

These are just some of the tips and tricks that every Pokemon Go player should learn to utilize. If you play a lot of Pokemon GO, then you can certainly benefit from applying these simple and tricks in your own game. You will find that you can easily beat the gyms, capture rate Pokemon, and even get more bonuses in-game as well. All of this will mean that you are going to have a way more enjoyable experience capturing all of the Pokemon that you see out there in the wild.